Player Profiles: Both dashboards help the players to understand their performance, the advanced mode has many more metrics and perspectives of all the data around the players games, all of this data is available at GalaChain.

Trends: These are insights about the players enjoying the game, their tenure, items used and tendencies. Daily trends are updated passed 4pm PST while the historical trends are updated every Saturday at 5pm PST.


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Game tutorial

This is a video explaining step by step how to play the game and strategies for every game type.

By jesus martinez

Best memes

By far the most entertaining and creative content made with the in-game camera modes available at Spider Tanks, C-Money37 is a well known member of the community.

by c-money37


Recent game plays available at YouTube.

by wangtom

Join spider tanks discord

This is the official Spider Tanks discord server, home of the official community behind this game.

a computer keyboard sitting on top of a desk
a computer keyboard sitting on top of a desk